Today is one of those days… the kind of day where the only thing that stops my racing mind is music. Most times I like to play my guitar and sing. Sometimes, like right now, all I can do is listen and let the  🎶 wash over me like a soothing balm. Luckily Pandora has every station imaginable. My “go to” on this day? Peter, Paul and Mary with a healthy dose of JT and John Denver.

I have to meet with the prosecutor again, but not til later in the afternoon. Each time we have spoken over the last two years it’s been to gather more information from me, which make me feel exposed; or to tell me things are stalled by endless motions from the defense. This “Hurry up and Wait” shit is really wearisome.

Fortunately, I’ve collected a lot of tools along the way, so my toolbox is nice and full. My Dory tool tells me to “just keep swimming.” Well, I’m not up for swimming just now. So I’m gonna tread water til the weariness passes. And pass it will. It always does…


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