Saturday Morning Coffee is going to be quick this morning cause we’re headed home to Maine. I need this R and R so badly. Something to keep me going through whatever comes next. Ten weeks from Monday the trial is set to start.

I was told yesterday that there is still a chance he could plead guilty, but not to get my hopes up. How can he possibly think anyone will be able to defend himself against all the other charges still pending? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I am going home!

I can’t wait to smell that salt air, sit at the public landing and feed the seagulls French fries,

I want to walk the breakwater and feel that spray on my face, maybe get “a little” wet by a rogue wave or two.

I have to stop by Rockport Harbor to say hello to Andre of course.

Another one of the places I have to visit is what we call ” The House on the Hill,”  known as beech hill preserve. You can see it from almost anywhere and you can see almost everything from the top.


Mostly I’m just looking forward to see my “Maine Family” and getting a huge dose of fresh air!

Gotta run… I’m feeling better already!


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