I’m shedding again. I’ve let so much fall away in the last few years that I honestly thought I was done. I know, silly me…

Clarity is what I strive for more than anything and yet it can be incredibly painful. I’ve learned, and am still learning that letting my heart hurt, letting myself FEEL the pain is the only way to release it. Feeling emotional pain was always scary for me. Physical pain is a breeze by comparison. 

I’m feeling the loss today and it really hurts. The thing is, the only thing I “lost” was an illusion, there was nothing tangible left of what once was a dear friendship.

I’d like to say those words to more than one individual, but I’ve learned the hard way the best thing for me is to say nothing. I can’t engage someone and let them go at the same time. Wow, I gotta read that last sentence again! Maybe even say it out loud a few times… Whatever it takes.

Like all things, this too shall pass.

I’ll leave you with some reminders that help me get through…


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