They took away my right to take the stand. They took away my chance to speak the truth for a jury to hear. They stripped me of my shot at Justice. But I will not be silenced by anyone. Never again.


Thomas Packard was the only Pediatrician in North Conway, New Hampshire in the 1980’s. He used his practice to violate innocent girls. He told mothers they had to leave the room. “Girls this age don’t want their moms around.” He would say. Once alone, he pounced.


He left the state in the 90s and worked for many years in New Mexico as a traveling Doctor. Destroy young lives every day. When he retired, he volunteered as a sex educator at a Juvenile Detention Center where his victims were literally locked in.


He was an active church member. He volunteered at the local soup kitchen. He raised money for charities. He led mission trips. He was and still is, a master in the art of deception. He is a dangerous predator allowed to live free. The local community has rallied around him, while vilifying those of us who came forward after all these years.

Once again the rich, the powerful, the leaders of communities are given free reign to inflict indescribable harm on the young and innocent. All that’s left for me to do is say the truth and try to let it go.

His name is Thomas Packard.


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